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"The drag and drop feature of the software makes it easy for us to put together proposals." Adrian Sim, Managing Director

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6 Drunk Men Pte Ltd Improves Communication Workflow and Maximizes Savings with Canon Solutions

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    • 6 Drunk Men Pte Ltd

"The drag and drop feature of the software makes it easy for us to put together proposals."
Adrian Sim
Managing Director
6 Drunk Men Pte Ltd

Business Overview

6 Drunk Men Pte Ltd (6DM) is the sole distributor for the on-premise segment for drinks including Crown Lager, Cascade Premium, Red Back, Kronenbourg 1664, Beamish Stout, Foster's Lager, Victoria Bitter, Newcastle Brown Ale and John Smith's Extra Smooth to its 500 customers. 6DM's customers include pubs, discos, restaurants, supermarket chains and expatriate clubs.

To supply these customers drinks, 6DM works with a large network of stakeholders. Its two principles, Foster's® International based in Australia as well as Scottish and Newcastle based in Scotland supply the drinks. Suppliers in China and Vietnam supply coasters, jugs and other materials carrying the drinks' brand, while a supplier in Italy provides equipment and equipment parts.

In addition, 6DM has to liaise with shipping companies, government departments, banks and law firms to meet compliance regulations associated with bringing in alcoholic drinks.

The Challenge

6DM started as a 2-person outfit in 2002 and has since grown to a 25-person company today. From the onset, the company recognized that its operations needed a solution that would support its correspondence-intensive operations and help it run efficiently.

Says Mr Adrian Sim, Managing Director, 6 Drunk Men Pte Ltd, "The all-inone machine we were using in the beginning was not up to speed. We needed something that would move as quickly as the business, which was growing rapidly."

Large Volumes of Incoming Faxes

6DM received and sent a high volume of faxes. These consisted of orders from customers, order confirmations from its
principles and suppliers, and even signed permits from relevant government authorities. On average, the company received 50-80 pages of faxes a day. Occasionally, junk faxes further increased the fax traffic. Employees had to ensure that the paper tray was constantly topped up.

"Sometimes, over the weekend, the paper would run out, and if we were out of memory, we'd end up losing incoming faxes. This posed a problem since we couldn't afford to miss incoming orders for more stock," explains Mr Sim.

To further add to the challenge, faxes often had to be duplicated so that they could be read or filed by various parties. This further increased print and paper cost.

Justifying Per Copy Cost

6DM was also increasing its marketing efforts. The marketing department was generating more publicity materials, as well as organizing events such as pool tournaments at various venues.

"Each time, we were spending on average $1.50 for each copy of A3 sized collaterals when we outsourced this to a print shop. We did the math, and decided that we needed to invest a solution that would not only support our business, but also manage our paper and print cost," said Sim.

The Solution

Canon introduced an integrated solution consisting of iRC 2570i and imageWARE Publishing Manager to support the company's communications workflow, including sending fax orders, receiving fax orders, printing simple flyers and other documents and support the company's growing marketing efforts.

Savings In Paper and Print Cost
Today, all incoming faxes are automatically forwarded as an email to an administrator who will then either email the fax to the relevant person or delete it if it is a junk fax. This vastly reduced paper and print cost.

Says Mr Sim, "From 2002 – 2006, our business has more than doubled annually, but our paper has not doubled correspondingly. In fact, it has remained the same. This was the result of saving an average of 50-80 pages a day."

The Canon solution further helped the company realize a huge savings in print cost, as each A3 collateral now costs a mere 25 cents per page, a great reduction from the previous $1.50 spent per page when we outsourced to a print shop. At the same time, print quality was not compromised.

Easily Create Professional Looking Documents
The marketing department saved a lot of time using the imageWARE Publishing Manager.

Explains Sim, "The drag and drop feature of the software makes it easy for us to put together proposals and professional looking collaterals in a flash. We can easily combine pages and documents of different file formats easily and quickly because of its user-friendly interface. This has improved the departments' workflow greatly, shortening the document creation cycle from 40 minutes to 20 minutes."

"Unlike other applications, the imageWARE Publishing Manager is idiotproof. It took less than a day to implement the software and train our employees to use the software," says Sim.

He sums it up by saying, "Canon offered us an excellent suite of products which not only enabled us to market ourselves better, but also improve our communications workflow both internally and externally. Canon also offers professional post-sales service that helps us solve any challenges we might face."

The Results

Through the use of Canon solutions, 6 Drunk Men reaped the following benefits:

  • imageWARE Publishing Manager improved communication workflow, shortening document creation cycle by 50%
  • Fax forwarding feature eliminated physical distribution of faxes, thus saving on average 50-80 pages of paper a day
  • Reduced marketing collateral production cost by 83% as a resulting of eliminating offset printing cost and reducing paper expenditure