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"The Canon iR C3220N has helped Suria Capital to monitor and control copying and printing cost. In addition, it produces professional looking color documents very quickly when needed." Norafedah Bte Jamlin, Corporate Affairs Department, Executive


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Canon imageRUNNERs Drives Up Productivity in Suria Capital Holdings Berhad


  • Customer Name
    • Suria Capital Holdings Berhad (Malaysia)
“The Canon iR C3220N has helped Suria Capital to monitor and control copying and printing cost. In addition, it produces professional looking color documents very quickly when needed.”
Norafedah Bte Jamlin
Corporate Affairs Department
Suria Capital Holdings Berhad

Business Overview

Suria Capital Holdings Berhad (Suria Capital) is a public-listed company on the main board of Bursa Malaysia Berhad. Listed in 1996, the Company was originally established as a financial conglomerate. However, following a major corporate restructuring, the company shifted its focus to a new dynamic sector, namely port services. The strategic move was made possible after the successful acquisition of business operations of Sabah’s key ports from Sabah Ports Authority in 2004 through a major privatization exercise. It was one of the most significant milestones that shaped Suria Capital’s business direction.

With the acquisition of the ports operations, Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd (SPSB) was created as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suria Capital. Apart from SPSB, Suria Capital has also ventured into other growth areas related to its core business, taking advantage of current trends and developments. It formed four other subsidiaries, namely Suria Bumiria Sdn Bhd, SCHB Engineering Services Sdn Bhd, S.P.Satria Sdn Bhd and TriCubes Suria Sdn Bhd. Through these subsidiaries, Suria Capital is now involved in several strategic sectors, namely the development of commercial property, tourism, construction and infrastructure as well as information and communication technology.

The Challenge

Tedious Cost Control
Suria Capital’s new corporate alignment affected the subsidiaries within to have various departments with multiple job functions. Monitoring individual department’s print and copy volume to allocate costs is time consuming and tedious for the administrative personnel. Another challenge is the frequent complaints by the staff that print jobs sent to the printers are often missing as someone else had picked them up.

Meeting Print Deadlines
Printing speed is crucial when it comes to producing high volume of both monochrome and color documents for various meetings. Ms. Catherine Chin, Executive (Admin) from one of the subsidiaries, S.P Satria Sdn Bhd, said “Everyday we print accident damage documents, management reports, board meeting papers, supporting documents for billings and invoices. It is important for us to meet the print deadlines of board meeting. We are expected to be very efficient in these administrative matters, thus we could not afford any downtime when it comes to printing these important documents”.

Poor Print Quality
SCHB Engineering Services Sdn Bhd print large quantity of drawings, inspection reports, dilapidation reports, design calculations reports, technical materials in monochrome and color with their inkjet printers for internal distribution as well as for clients. “Inkjet printers are too slow, costly to maintain and it smears when it touches water. Moreover, it is not of
professional quality for distribution to clients!” said Mr Herddy Sidik, Assistant Engineer. The running costs of the ink cartridges are expensive, especially when we are using more than 1 unit A3 inkjet printer.

Overflowing Forms
SCHB Engineering Services Sdn Bhd uses various printed forms such as annual leave, overtime claim, medical leave, travel and accommodation etc. However, it takes up a lot of storage space and is tedious to search for when needed.

The Solution

The situation in Suria Capital improved when 1 unit of Canon iRC3200 and 2 units of iRC3220N were introduced (in different phases).

Cost Control with Ease
To control and monitor the cost of printing and copying by users, every staff is given a password to gain access to the iRCs. A detailed report specifying individual user’s usage is printed at the end of each month by the administrator. Since the iRCs were implemented, its web-based remote user interface has enabled the administrator to monitor the print status; add, delete or edit passwords at the convenience of his desktop and also change settings on the machine. This vastly increased the administrator’s control and productivity!

Ensuring Confidentiality of Documents
With the introduction of the secured print feature, the documents sent for printing will only be printed when a password has been entered on the iRCs. This ensures confidentiality as only the right owner of the document can collect it. Said Ms Norafedah Bte Jamlin, Corporate Affairs Department Executive from Suria Capital, “I don’t have to worry about rushing all the way to collect my printed materials, particularly on confidential matters.”

Fast Printing at Lower Cost
Ms Catherine Chin is now able to meet deadlines with the iRCs’ fast printing speed of 32 pages per minute. Together with 1 GB of processing power to quickly process large color print jobs, SCHB Engineering Services Sdn Bhd is able to print impressive color drawings and reports within a short time frame. In addition, they had also reduced color printing cost by 40%, especially printing of A3 size color drawings.

Better Forms Management
Equipped with 40 GB of Hard Disk space, the mailbox feature on the iRCs can be used as “electronic filing pigeon hole” to store various forms. These reduced physical storage space as well as time searching for forms.

The Results

  • Password feature helped to monitor copy and print costs
  • Remote user interface feature reduced time managing office equipments
  • Secured print feature preserved the confidentiality of documents
  • Fast printing speed of 32 pages per minute for color documents improved productivity
  • Mail box feature helped to save space storing forms