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"We are able to deliver the print jobs within a day and most of our customers are pleasantly surprised with the short delivery dates and really happy about the short waiting period." Thurdthoon Chaithurthum, CEO


From high volume production to short, on-demand print runs — Canon can help you meet today's challenges.
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Be An Author Within Minutes, Anyone?

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    • Jarun Printing
“We are able to deliver the print jobs within a day and most of our customers are pleasantly surprised with the short delivery dates and really happy about the short waiting period.”
Thurdthoon Chaithurthum
Jarun Printing

Business Overview

Jarun Printing was established by the family of Thurdthoon Chaithurthmn, CEO of Jarun Printing, over 30 years ago. "The company started out by taking in a variety of offset print jobs. When I took over the business, I realized that offset print jobs are harder to come by and there is an increasing trend of printing in smaller quantities. Hence, I cannot stay stagnant in my service offerings and I should think harder what else I can offer to attract new customers," said Thurdthoon Chaithurthmn, CEO of Jarun Printing.

Today, Jarun Printing offers commercial printing as well as print-on-demand (POD) solutions under a different business arm called Fastbook. POD is the commonly used term for the digital printing technology that allows a complete book to be printed and bound in a matter of minutes. POD technology makes it easy and cost-effective to produce books at one or two copies at a time or in small lots, rather than in larger print runs of hundreds or several thousands.

The Challenge

Chaithurthmn said, "Many print buyers do not want to print in bulk. Indeed many of my customers confess of wanting just enough copies to circulate among family and friends. In this instance, they cannot approach commercial publishers who need to justify the expense of producing and warehousing a sizeable print run - for instance to keep backlist books available." With a clear understanding of such an opportunity, Chaithurthmn went looking for a solution.

The Solution

"In 2004, I began seriously looking at digital printing technology which offers advantages offset can never emulate. It was at this time that I discovered print-on-demand (POD). With this teclmology, many who never dared to think of publishing their works can now see it on print." Chaithurthmn explained.

"Very often we see ourselves as purveyors of a self publishing service to aspiring writers. The author of the work controls all aspects of their creative work - from the design of the book cover to editing and proof reading. Unlike the traditional publishers, we do not undertake book marketing of these works nor request royalty on sales."

Chaithurthum said that with the purchase of Canon's imagePRESS C7000VP, they are able to drive this part of their business further. "This system incorporates the finishing process oftrirnrning, in-line and off-line booklet making. Front-to-back registration together 'With Canon's Intelligent Registration Technology (IRT) helps Improve registration accuracy and has a direct impact on the fmished product of the book making process."

"With IRT, we are able to achieve a professional and high precision printing with "Cover and Rear Adjustment" and "Skew Line Correction" during duplex printing. With these features, the customers are pleased with the look and feel of the physical copy and they feel the product is comparable to offset printing."

"The best part is its speed," Chaithurthmn adds. "Without compromising on productivity, the imagePRESS C7000VP is able to print at 70 ppm for paper up to 300 gsm. Needless to say this has enabled us to accept more print jobs and improve our turnover rates. We are able to deliver the print jobs within a day and most of our customers are pleasantly surprised with the short delivery dates and really happy about the short waiting period. To reduce paper loading errors from arising, there is a specially designed indicator and locking system which disallow the operator to interrupt the current media supply while loading new paper supplies. In addition, the indicator is designed to show the operator the arnOlmt of paper loaded in the cassette," he explained.

Chaithurthum continues, "We are optimistic about digital printing and this is going to be our main focus in the future. Currently we are plarming to do an overhaul of our corporate website to attract more web savvy customers. We have a powerful server which can receive big files within minutes. This has aided our response time and we are looking at how to improve our services. For the future, we would like to show our customers the capabilities of digital printing. I would like to demonstrate to more people what digital printing can do for them At the moment, we are looking at expanding beyond books and going into a variety of creative projects such as personalized calendars, digital photo books for special occasions and even customized greeting cards. We have a lot of creative talents in Thailand and together 'With digital printing we can bring their work to fruition and more are able to actually hold their idea on hand. This is a great feeling!"

The Results

  • imagePRESS C7000VP's print-on-demand technology makes it possible to produce books in small lots at a cheaper price than commercial publisher
  • IRT feature improved registration accuracy which produced well-aligned front and back pages
  • imagePRESS C7000VP is able to maintain printing speed at 70 ppm for paper up to 300 gsm, which enabled Jarun to consistendy delight customers with short delivery dates
  • A special indicator helped to minimize paper loading errors by the operator to enhance productivity