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"The user-friendly interface and multi-functionality of Canon devices are able to meet the varying needs of our users and facilitate smooth workflow in the workplace." Edwin Urn, Assistant Manager, Systems

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Courts Successfully Reduced Communication Costs and Improved Efficiency

  • Customer Name
    • Courts (Singapore) Limited
“The user-friendly interface and multi-functionality of Canon devices are able to meet the varying needs of our users and facilitate smooth workflow in the workplace.”
Edwin Urn
Assistant Manager, Systems
Courts (Singapore) Limited

Business Overview

Established in Singapore since 1974 and listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Singapore, Courts is Singapore's largest furniture, electronics and IT retailer. In line with their mission to be the No.1 customer driven retailer making aspirational home products easily affordable, Courts is committed to offering home products at the right prices.

Constantly transforming the concept of retail in Singapore, Courts was one of the pioneer retailers who introduced out-of-town shopping and was awarded the International Headquarters Award by the Minister for Trade and Industry in 2005.

Courts carries the largest selection of home furnishings, domestic appliances, home entertainment units and the latest digital technology. On top of this, Courts offers consumers hassle-free credit options, such as Courts Easy Access, to make their dream lifestyle more affordable. The Courts Guest Club programme rewards loyal customers with exclusive deals, discounts and loyalty points to enjoy better value whilst shopping at Courts.

With a dedicated team of more than 600 employees, Courts is committed to provide excellent customer service to its customers. Together with the set-up of its biggest flagship store, Courts Megastore in the Tampines Retail Park, the company currently has 9 stores located throughout Singapore.

The Challenge

A high level of fax communication is prevalent throughout the busy departments of Courts' support centre. This is an essential yet costly means of communication.

The furniture-buying department needs to fax graphics of various proposed furniture designs to furniture manufacturers in other countries. This involves numerous fax communications, as the two parties need to come to an agreement on the final design of the furniture before the production stages.

The finance department, on the other hand, receives numerous faxes from Courts' branches, which stack up to a sizeable amount each month. Filing and storing them is also a challenge.

The marketing department frequently creates promotional brochures for distribution to consumers. This involves communicating with an external creative agency in the design of the sales brochures and also affirming with the various agencies to ensure that the advertisements are of an acceptable standard. Once the brochures are designed, the creative agency would email draft versions of the brochures to Courts' marketing department for proof-reading. The brochures are then printed in colour before handwritten comments are made and sent back to the creative agency for amendments.

Courts owns numerous fax machines to facilitate this massive faxing. There are, however, various concerns on faxing as it is slow, costly in terms of overseas IDD cost and often results in accumulation of hardcopy documents on the receiving end. Thus, there is a need for more document filing and storage space, as evident in the finance department. In order to overcome these problems, Courts would scan the documents for emailing instead of faxing them. However, Courts' scan-to-email devices are not user-friendly as multiple steps are required in retrieving the scanned documents for emailing. This can sometimes deter staff from using the existing scan-to-email technology, thus, they may still resort to faxing.

The above scenario results in a large storage space needed to store fax documents, as well as high costs and inefficient communication.

The Solution

The introduction of Canon multi-function devices have helped in cost reductions and communication efficiency in Courts. One of the most important benefits of Canon devices is its user-friendliness. "The user-friendly interface and multi-functionality of Canon devices are able to meet the varying needs of our users and facilitating smooth workflow in the workplace," explained Edwin Lim, Assistant Manager of Systems, Courts (Singapore) Limited. "With the arrival of Canon's imageRUNNER that allows scanning of documents for emailing to be 3 times faster, we observe better efficiency. This has benefited us as such tasks are normally quite time-consuming." Thus, departments such as finance, marketing and furniture buying department have benefited.

The finance department, a department typically swamped with large volumes of documents, now finds that the amount of hardcopy documents is much less since they receive email documents instead of faxed documents from their branches. Besides saving on storage space, this has also cut down on the cost of paper usage and printing of faxes.

As for Courts' color printing needs, the Canon color printer, imagePRESS CI, has helped Courts' marketing department produce high quality color brochures and advertisements time after time for viewing and proof-reading.

The Results

  • User-friendliness of Canon devices and dedicated training ensured quick adoption of Canon devices
  • Scan-to-email is 3 times faster than before
  • Reduces faxing cost considerably
  • Soft-copy document communications reduces document storage space