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"Besides the benefit of faster response time to customer, staff using the iPR C7000VP's mailbox feel happier with the shorter time they need to perform the same job," Johan Tjahjadi, Supervisor, Press Division


From high volume production to short, on-demand print runs — Canon can help you meet today's challenges.
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SUBUR Delights Customers with Fast Consistent Print Quality

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Great partnership between Christian Soeseno of SUBUR and Wiwiek Hartono of Canon
"Besides the benefit of faster response time to customer, staff using the iPR C7000VP's mailbox feel happier with the shorter time they need to perform the same job,"
Johan Tjahjadi
Supervisor, Press Division

Business Overview

It all began in 1977 when Soeseno Boenarso started a small shop in Indonesia with a photocopy machine offering copy services. With drive and dedication, he ran the shop together with his wife, confident that their pair of hands will be operating a good deal more than a single photocopier. Thirty years later, SUBUR has become a widely known and appraised printing company. With fourteen branches committed to service excellence, SUBUR offers quality, punctuality and competitiveness for its customers. From the first step through their door, their front desk assistants will be ready to extend a helping hand. SUBUR offers services from offset printing, digital printing, variable data printing to kisah publishing - a special service that make memories last a lifetime by artistically putting together pictures into an exquisite packaging.

The art of printing progresses with time. To successfully meet customers' demands, SUBUR has the latest technology in store to satisfy every need. In addition, SUBUR is meticulous and understands the need to be precise and right on target. Before printing the real deal, they recommend the production of color proofs so that customers have an idea of how the end results would look like. With their excellent technology and service, customers can sit back and rely on SUBUR to deliver a beautiful job every time.

The Challenge

Growing Demand for Print-On-Demand
In recent years, there is a growing demand for print-on-demand (POD). POD is the commonly used term for the digital printing technology that allows a complete book to be printed and bound in a matter of minutes in quantities that would not be viable through traditional offset processes. This appeals to the potential customers who want to print in small quantities but cannot approach the commercial publishers who print in hundreds and thousands. They also want the book to be of high quality color print due to the nature of its use. For instance, a company wants to distribute several booklets to its customers for a small scale seminar or road show. In this case traditional offset printing is not a viable choice as there is a minimum print quantity in order to achieve economies of scale.

Also, such jobs may come with a very short lead time due to some last minute requirements.

Need For a Solution That Deliver Fast & Consistent Results
SUBUR's growing business requires their workers to be more productive to cope with more work. A print-on-demand solution with features that enable them to response faster to customers will certainly help the business.

"Color consistency is a vital factor for SUBUR business. Before a job goes into print, a sample will be printed and given to customer for proofing and approval. It is very important that the final prints delivered to customer carry the same quality as the approved copy. Any difference may lead to customer dissatisfaction and jeopardize the customer's potential for future business," said Christian Soeseno, Head of Digital & Marketing of SUBUR.

The Solution

Canon, with its years of experience in providing printing solutions, has the capability to deliver a good and reliable POD system.

Meet Customers'Demand for Short Print Runs
The Canon's imagePRESS (iPR) C7000VP helped SUBUR drive the part of their business where customers demand short print run. The gloss uniformity of the printing gives the final product the look and feel of offset printing standard, this helps SUBUR to meet the needs of those customers who demand small print quantity of menus, marketing collaterals, name cards, photo books and various kind of reports.

Color Consistency Keeps Customers
The iPR C7000VP's real time calibration helps to deliver color consistency in all its printouts. Before an "out of color" page is printed, the imagePRESS will automatically detect the problem and make changes to ensure the next page produces the correct color. "We are glad that the iPR C7000VP delivers color consistency, which leads to high customer satisfaction and repeat business." Christian added.

Faster Response to Customers
The iPR C7000VP comes with a special mailbox function that helps to increase productivity and speed up response time to customer. This is because repeated jobs from customers can be processed faster as there is no need for the same document to be ripped again before print Jobs that are ripped the first time are stored in the mailbox of the device for future prints.

"The iPR C7000VP is easy to operate and make our work easier. Besides the benefit of faster response time to customer, staff using the iPR C7000VP's mailbox feel happier with the shorter time they need to perform the same job," said Johan Tjanhjadi, Supervisor for Press Division of SUBUR.

The Results

  • The gloss uniformity of iPR C7000VP printing delivered results that is close to that of commercial printing standards, which enables SUBUR to meet customers' demands for short print run of books, brochures and manuals
  • iPR C7000VP's print-on¬demand technology made it possible to produce books in small lots at a lower price than commercial publisher
  • iPR C7000VP produced consistent color print quality with a speed of 70 ppm for paper up to 300 gsm, which enabled SUBUR to consistently delight customers with short delivery dates
  • iPR C7000VP comes with a special mailbox function that increased productivity and sped up response time to customers