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"This service also minimizes downtime significantly and saves our administrators the time to report machines faults, " Karam Jeet Singh, IT Manager, CEVA Freight (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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Office Device Down? CEVA Has No Worries

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    • CEVA Freight (Singapore) Pte Ltd
"This service also minimizes downtime significantly and saves our administrators the time to report machines faults, "
Karam Jeet Singh IT Manager
CEVA Freight (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Business Overview

CEVA combines the heritage of two great companies, TNT Logistics and EGL, which merged in August 2007. As a leading global logistics company, they provide end-to-end design, implementation and operation ofl ogistics solutions in contract logistics, freight forwarding, distribution management and transportation management for large and medium-sized national and multinational companies.

CEVA supply chain management is recognized by its customers for making their business flow through their commitment to customers' success. CEVA focuses on a diverse range of market sectors including automotive & tires, technology, industrial, retail & consumer goods, health care, publishing, aerospace and oil & gas.

With CEVA's dedicated focus on operations excellence, and the visibility and control that they create in the supply chain, CEVA is able to offer their customers increased efficiency and reduced transit times.

The Challenge

Due to the business nature of CEVA, various shipping documents such as airway bills, permits, bill of ladings etc. have to be printed and distributed on time to ensure smooth shipments. Ensuring maximum uptime of the multi-function devices (MFD) for the business requires conscious effort and time, and that is one area that Mr Karam Jeet Singh, the IT Manager of CEVA Singapore, wants to minimize. "Our staff should focus their time and energy on their jobs instead of attending to printers and copiers breakdown," said Karam Jeet.

Multi-function Device Downtime Disrupts Business
Ensuring the MFD devices has sufficient toners to stay up and running for the business is one challenge faced by Karam Jeet and his staff.

"Every department stock up their own spare toners, when the devices breakdown or stop to print due to toner deficiency, and the staff forgot to stock up spare toners, the operation would be disrupted and users' productivity would be adversely affected. In such a situation, we would get the vendor to rush down the toners but some damage may have already been done. Disruptions to our operations can be very costly in our line of business. For example, shipment delays may result in client dissatisfaction.

Such a situation is stressful for everyone and we would like to avoid this if possible. In addition, the toners come in different types, take up expensive office space and need time and effort to track to ensure sufficient supply. This is undesirable," Karam Jeet adds.

Time Consuming Meter Reading
In order for Canon to prepare the billing invoices for CEVA, the technician would need to visit several different sites of CEVA to take the copy and print meter reading of the MFDs. Once on site, he will be escorted by someone to every device to take the meter reading of all the devices twice a month, this takes hours and is certainly a mundane and unproductive task for both parties.

The Solution

"Canon came to us and proposed a workable solution called e-maintenance. With this service, we can truly focus on our jobs and leave the worry of devices breakdowns completely to Canon. In addition, we don't need to keep stock of spare toners nor bring the technician around to take meter reading any more. This is great!" said Karam Jeet.

Maximum Uptime Automated!
e-Maintenance comes with three types of services that automate the whole process of ensuring the MFDs are always up and running:

1) e-Meter Reading is a secure service solution that automatically tracks networked MFDs' copy and print volume via Canon's intelligent infrastructure. This eliminates the time and effort needed for technicians to do an on-site meter reading.

2) e-Proactive Service automatically reports MFD's faults directly to Canon without the need for CEVA's intervention thus dramatically reducing their involvement in device administration. Should a service visit be required, Canon can use the detailed emails they received from the Universal Gate Way Server to select the most suitable service technician and equip them with the necessary parts and supplies, which results in faster problem resolution. "CEVA users are pleasantly surprised by Canon's technician visits whenever the device is down, as no notification is given to Canon! This service also minimizes downtime significantly and saves our administrators the time to report machines faults," Karam Jeet explained further.

3) e-Toner Monitoring ensures that CEVA is always able to print on their Canon MFDs as toner deficiency is quickly rectified. If a MFD is running low on toner, an incident report is automatically emailed by the device to Canon and then the technician will visit CEVA to replenish the toner.

In addition to these services, Canon's online customer portal gives CEVA users an overview of their devices' work load, toner usage and billing counter. CEVA users can then easily monitor their assets, view current toner stock status and manage their bills.

The Results

  • Automated e-Meter Reading Service eliminated CEVA's time to attend to technicians to do an on-site meter reading
  • e-Proactive Service resulted in faster recovery when devices breakdown
  • e-Toner Monitoring Service eliminated the need for CEVA to stock up