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"We were looking for a solution that could meet all our exacting demands, and without a doubt, Canon delivered that." Mr Alvin Aw, IT Manager at Rodyk & Davidson.


Information is at the core of a legal practice — from the incoming correspondence to the legal documents you create. Canon can help you streamline the secure storage and management of all this confidential information.
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Top Legal Firm Rodyk & Davidson LLP Finds That Canon Presents a Winning Case

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    • Rodyk & Davidson LLP

"We were looking for a solution that could meet all our exacting demands, and without a doubt, Canon delivered that."
Mr Alvin Aw, IT Manager at Rodyk & Davidson.

Business Overview

Most legal firms scan, copy and print thousands of sheets of legal documents every week. In the case of Rodyk & Davidson LLP, however, this workload is multiplied many times over.

One of Singapore's largest full service law practices, Rodyk & Davidson has a team of more than 130 lawyers that covers five core practice groups: Corporate, Finance, Intellectual Property & Technology, Litigation & Arbitration, and Real Estate. It represents a diverse clientele in a broad spectrum of industries and businesses, and maintains strong working relationships with key public sector agencies and leading organisations in the private sector.

In addition, the firm's footprint straddles the region.

Rodyk & Davidson has an established and vibrant regional presence, advising clients on projects across Asia. Rodyk's regional practice concentrates on project finance, infrastructure projects, M&As, corporate restructuring, and banking and investment transactions in China, Indonesia and India. To handle this, the firm has a China Practice, an India Practice and an Indonesia Practice. It has offices in Singapore and Shanghai as well as strategic alliances in the region.

Rodyk & Davidson enjoys exclusive membership in the World Law Group and the Pacific Rim Advisory Council, and offers clients seamless and cost-effective service in 70 cities spanning 40 countries. The firm frequently advises on cross-border transactional litigation and arbitration, and multi-jurisdictional intellectual property issues.

With the size, scope and span of its operations, it is clear that managing information and documentation is a mammoth challenge for the law firm. To keep on top of its information and documentation needs, Rodyk & Davidson relies heavily on technology.

And for Rodyk & Davidson, there is no question that its strategic partnership with Canon helps the firm keep its competitive edge.

Quite simply, for this top legal firm, Canon has the winning case.

The Challenge

Massive Storage Costs and Slow Retrieval Of Documents
One of those trouble spots was the storage and distribution of hardcopy documents. Lawyers have to keep abreast of the latest legal developments such as new rulings and laws. On top of that, in their line of work, Rodyk & Davidson generates a lot of documents such as contracts and precedents that have to be managed.

What this means is that a tremendous quantity of documents is produced every day. This makes managing the distribution and storage of these hardcopy documents a huge challenge. Further, hardcopy documents are both difficult and time consuming to retrieve, which means many lost hours tracking down documents.

Rodyk & Davidson needed to set up an efficient knowledge sharing system so that its lawyers could have easy access to the information they needed.

"As a law firm, information is our stock in trade. The amount of information we get, and how we manipulate and analyse this information is critical to our success," said Mr Gilbert Leong, a Partner at Rodyk & Davidson.

Another challenge is managing hardcopy documents. These documents are scanned, OCRed and filed in the document management system for quick and accurate search and retrieval. This multi-step process was inefficient and affected productivity.

Faxing At The Office Late Into The Night
Faxing is clearly a bugbear for Rodyk & Davidson. Said Mr Alvin Aw, IT Manager at Rodyk & Davidson, "Our dependency on physical office equipment, the fax machine for example, is a limitation as the lack of access to such equipment prevents us from getting work done efficiently and effectively, leading to unnecessary overtime or trips back to the office."

Expensive and "Off-colour" Printing
Printing cost represents a significant business expense and a cause of concern for Rodyk & Davidson.

"One of our biggest concems is the cost of printing. The cost per print on our desktop printers is very high, especially for colour prints," said Mr Aw.

Added to the challenge was the exacting corporate communications department of Rodyk & Davidson which had strict guidelines on the usage of correct pantone colours in producing their corporate collateral which include their brochures and newsletters.

However, Rodyk & Davidson had found it virtually impossible to accurately reproduce its corporate colours on a standard printer.

The Solution

To improve efficiency and enhance sharing of information within the firm, Canon worked hand-in-hand with Rodyk & Davidson to develop a customised solution.

"We went in as a team and examined every facet of their operation. Our aim was to find the most effective and cost-efficient solution that would address everyone of the firm's worry spots," said Mr Alan Ang, the Account Executive from Canon.

Fast and Easy Archival and Retrieval of Documents
Canon applied its eCopy solution to meet both challenges.

Using Canon's eCopy solution, the staff of Rodyk & Davidson can now scan documents for emailing directly into their document management system with integrity and ease. Best of all, the solution is so easy to use, no staff training was required. All a user had to do was simply place his documents into the document feeder, select the destination of the scanned documents and hit the start button to archive them into his document management system.

Since documents are automatically scanned in searchable PDF format, performing a keyword search on electronic documents can now be done in seconds. In addition, information security is enhanced with mandatory user authentication. Before users are allowed to use the Canon imageRUNNERs for scanning, they are prompted to enter their Active Directory authentication password for verification.

This previously multi-step process is reduced to a single operation, which maximises staff productivity and increases Rodyk & Davidson's returns on investment.

Faxing Anytime, Anywhere
With Canon PC faxing, Rodyk & Davidson lawyers now have the flexibility to fax anytime and anywhere. Using PC faxing, documents can be faxed directly from desktops and laptops thereby reducing unnecessary printing. It also means that the lawyers can now fax from their home or remote locations and transmit urgent faxes as necessary.

High Speed, Cost Effective and Spot-on Printing
Canon not only managed to cut the firm's printing cost substantially, it also allowed the firm to now produce and print its collaterals directly on its in-house printers.

"What we did was wire up a network of high-speed imageRUNNERs, which act as centralised printers to replace some of the desktop printers. This helps to free up more office space and increase printing speed," explained Mr Ang.

"We also installed several high-speed image RUNNERs at strategic locations in Rodyk & Davidson that were able to easily meet the demands of high volume copying and printing of thick legal documents and contracts. Because the cost per print on an imageRunner is much lower than a desktop printer, this slashed the firm's printing bill substantially."

In addition, he added, Canon's service contract covers the maintenance of the imageRUNNERs.

Canon's print solution also made it possible for the legal firm to now print all its collaterals in-house. Canon achieved this by installing a print server that houses all the pantone codes available. All the firm had to do was select the pantone colours needed and the print engine produced a close match - one that passed the strict eyes of Rodyk & Davidson's corporate communications department.

"We were looking for a solution that could meet all our exacting demands," said Mr Leong, "and without a doubt, Canon delivered that."

The Results
  • Reduction of steps to process documents
  • Reduction in cost of printing
  • Improved quality of marketing collaterals
  • Increased productivity of search and retrieval of critical information
  • Environment and employee friendly document fax process