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MindTree’s focus on innovation has ensured that they are constantly raising the bar for themselves and for the industry as a whole. And it was a bar that they intend to continue setting with Canon solutions in place.

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For an IT company or department it is essential to keep devices running reliably and efficiently, while securing confidential information. Canon has the hardware and software to make your job easier.
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Merging business sense with innovative technologies

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    • MindTree Ltd.
'Our success is built on a level of trust and confidence that our clients have with us. We wanted to look for a solution that could ensure this promise.'
Mr. Sudhir Reddy,
Chief Information Officer of MindTree

Business Overview

Ranked 45th among the leaders in The 2009 Global Outsourcing 100 by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

Ranked no 1 among the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) India Award winners for the third consecutive year in 2009.

Winner of the National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance in India in 2007-2008.

MindTree's focus on innovation has ensured that they are constantly raising the bar for themselves and for the industry as a whole.

And it was a bar that they intend to continue setting with Canon solutions in place.

MindTree Ltd. is a global IT Solutions Company specializing in IT Services, Independent Testing, Infrastructure Management and Technical Support (IMTS), Knowledge Services and Product Engineering, which comprises of R&D Services, Software Product Engineering and Next in Mobility (N!Mo). MindTree partners with its clients to create a transparent, value-based relationship. Their people build innovative solutions on a wide range of technology platforms, helping their customers succeed in business.

The Challenge

Canon India worked together with MindTree to create an optimal solution that meets their needs.

"Just like MindTree, we believe that it is important to create a transparent, value-based relationship with our customers. We delve deep into the customer's environment, unified as a team, to understand their work processes and concerns in order to tailor a Canon solution that would be a right fit." said Mr K Bhaskhar, Director of the Enterprise Solutions Division in Canon India.

Then: Lack of security and accountability
Confidentiality has always been the hallmark of MindTree success. Working with many global customers, it is imperative for the company to uphold a high level of trust and accountability. To MindTree, this is a cornerstone in building and growing long term relationships with customers.

Commonly, MindTree has to sign Non-disclosure Agreements with their customers, as a declaration that all confidential information is kept secured within the compounds of their business dealings. Since MindTree was using network printers, there was a potential risk of printouts left uncollected at these devices. This created a risk of information leakage.

In addition, with their current set of printers and scanners, they were unable to produce an audit trail or track print, scan and copy activities.

Mr. Sudhir Reddy, Chief Information Officer of MindTree emphasized, "Ensuring security of our client's information is very important to us. Our success is built on a level of trust and confidence that our clients have with us. We wanted to look for a solution that could ensure this promise."

Then: Increasing running costs and environmental concerns
In Canon's study to evaluate the current workplace situation at MindTree, they noticed that the company had 60 network printers located across different offices. Due to the absence of a systematic way to track usage in the company, it became extremely difficult to impose meaningful controls over their large employee base.

Apart from unnecessary printouts and single-sided printing, uncollected printouts or faxes were also common at the machines and that was a significant contributor to the increase in printing costs.

In addition, all these problems were also hindering continuous efforts of MindTree to go green and conserve resources.

The Solution

Today: Secured print with ease, reduced cost and a bid for the environment
Canon analyzed these concerns and other challenges related to flexibility, control and growth. The following 3 simple solutions were proposed to meet all their needs.

imageRUNNERs. uniFLOW. eCOPY

uniFLOW enables users to print and collect documents from any Canon multifunction printer (imageRUNNERs). This helps staff to be more flexible in their printing as well as provide additional document security by ensuring that only the authorised user can activate and collect the documents at the device. User authentication is achieved by enabling SSO access to the device. Users will be able to pick up their documents at any machine throughout the office, instead of the previous need to pick them up at their selected printers, thus providing added convenience and improvement in productivity.

By letting users authenticate and retrieve jobs at Canon machines, MindTree also reduced the number of printouts left in the tray, forgotten documents and even accidental multiple printouts which are often thrown away.

Reports are also generated by the company, with details on who prints what, how it is printed (ie duplex, single sided), with which devices and how much it costs the company. With such reports, it is now possible to analyze the data and show users how much has been printed in each department.

Security is also enhanced with eCOPY Sharescan Essentials. This provides the necessary audit trails to ensure that there is accountability on the scanning paths of all confidential documents in the office. Embedded within the imageRUNNER, it makes secure document imaging available to all their staff and with ease. Staff can now authenticate themselves with a single sign-on and be able to distribute documents directly to their network file folders and their Document Management System. With that, the company will be able to account for every single document each staff has scanned or distributed, to whom it has been sent to, when and how it was delivered.

These 3 solutions allow MindTree to conserve, cut printing cost and most importantly, ensure that their promise of confidentiality is maintained.

A success story!
To ensure MindTree of the benefits of the proposed solutions, the Canon Team diligently worked with their IT team to study their infrastructure and conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) at their office premises.

And, MindTree was convinced.

Mr Ronnie, Senior IT Manager of MindTree commented, "I was impressed with the analysis that Canon has done to ensure a smooth transition. They worked as a team, with us, to ensure the solutions would perform seamlessly in our company, customizing it to work within our premise. We knew we could rely on Canon, not only for their innovative technology but for their services."

With uniFLOW and eCOPY solutions implemented in August 2009, there was an overall reduction of 50% in paper consumption, 25% reduction in printing cost and a savings of USD$62,000 per year in MindTree.

The Results

  • Flexible printing with ease
  • Maximum document security
  • Increased document accountability
  • Reduced wastage and printing costs
  • Increased customer confidentiality