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Expanded Choice of EF Lenses to Match Your Creative Visions

Expanded Choice of EF Lenses
The Cinema EOS system includes a range of Canon EF Cinema Zoom and Prime Lenses that feature fluorite aspherical lens elements and advanced optical engineering for peerless performance. With the further advantage of Canon's extensive range of over 70 EF lenses, the Cinema EOS system expands filmmaking horizons like never before.

High Sensitivity, Low Noise

The first Canon sensor designed specifically for high frame rate motion pictures, offering not only high resolution and shallow depth-of-field but also high sensitivity with remarkable low noise performance at up to ISO 20000.
Canon Cinema EOS cameras set a new quality benchmark in a highly versatile system built from the ground up to help filmmakers realize their stories, ideas and vision. Every detail from camera design to production and post-production workflow has been re-conceived, engineered and integrated to meet the demanding production needs of today's motion picture industry. Featuring compatibility with both EF and PL mounts, Cinema EOS cameras are also capable of filming in a range of frame rates, resolutions and recording options from high definition to 2K and 4K quality. Embodying exceptional cinema quality and providing total creative freedom, the Cinema EOS system empowers filmmakers to leave no story untold.

4K CMOS Sensor Technology

Expanded Choice of EF Lenses
Modeled on the Super 35mm 3-perf motion picture film standard, the Cinema EOS 4K sensor features proprietary technologies that enhance light resolving capabilities to deliver superior dynamic range under all lighting conditions. The image sensor employs an innovative readout technique that delivers full bandwidth individual RGB video components without the need for any debayering algorithms.

Canon Log Gamma

Expanded Choice of EF Lenses
Shooting in Canon Log mode, cinematographers can set the camera exposure value using their customary light meter practices. Canon Log is a special nonlinear transfer function embodied within the DIGIC DV III RGB video processing system. This gamma setting is designed to retain the most image information for color correction and to facilitate the post-production of digital images captured by Cinema EOS cameras. Canon Log ensures excellent tonal reproduction within both highlight and low-light areas of a digital image by managing an array of signal processing bits, thus maintaining a total dynamic range of 800%. These sophisticated video grading processes restructure a new digital representation that achieves a much sought-after creative look.

Wi-Fi Remote Control (Except C100)

Wi-Fi Remote Control (Except C100)
Cinema EOS cameras like the EOS C300, EOS C500, and EOS-1D C can be paired with a WFT-E6A wireless file transfer module so that camera settings can be viewed and securely controlled from up to 150 feet away over an 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network by third party devices with standard web browsers, including computers, smartphones and tablets, without the need for additional in-camera software. This is especially useful for specialty applications where cameras must be controlled remotely such as in nature documentaries or reality shows. It also incorporates GPS information via a secure connection to Bluetooth-compatible GPS devices into the file metadata for general cinematic applications, and is vital for expedition filmmakers.